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12 Favourite snaps

12 Favourite snaps for 2013 after having had a look through some of my snaps for 2013 here are 12 of my favourites. Mainly from Ireland but India too. 12 Favourite snaps Garnish Pier Cindereile Lehanmore 2013 Bere Island from

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Three friends

Three friends outside the Allihies Mine Museum at the break of the concert last night. Fran, Steve and Mark

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Tom Willy

Having an evening drinking a glass of hot whiskey with Tom and Willy, talking the talk watching the TV and listening to the radio. Tom Willy More photos on Balooz

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Long Grass

This shot taken low in the long grass overlooking the Atlantic in Balydonegan bay, Allihies, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland. The grass is finally getting long after our extended winter and the farmers should be out in a week or so

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Jimmys bar

Jimmys bar is really a nice bar and the man behind the bar, Jimmy is a good guy. Here he is from last night after the mine museum concert. Jimmys Bar There is a shutter for the bar hanging up

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Allihies good light

The sun going down on a late April evening, I thought the light was very nice so I stopped the car jumped out and took the snap. Allihies looking towards Coom Check out and balooz for more

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Aurelien Vespa – Mod

A short visit to Belgium and met up with Aurelien the boyfriend of a Niece of ours. He has this old Vespa still in very good condition and does a few runs from time to time. Aurelien and his Vespa

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Lighthouse Bar

Lighthouse Bar in Allihies Beara Co Cork is run by Doc, here he is sorting out his stock. Doc   Check out and balooz for more

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Tom and Willy

Three photos of my Uncles Tom and Willy, first in colour, converted to Black and White and then with photoshop one layer in colour and one in Black and White. Also visible on  Tom My uncles have always enjoyed

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