Allihies Mines: Coom Mine by Dan Tietzsch-Taylor

The target for ore extraction was an east-west vein with a slight “Z” bend, extending from the southern end of the Caminches vein. All that remains of Coom Mine are some shafts and a well preserved steam engine house ( winding) from the last stage of 19th century mining.



1842 (- 1843) Trials, but none successful.
1870 Mine opened by the new Berehaven Mining Company, Two shafts are sunk, named after Bewley family (of Dublin) board members.
1872 Surviving engine house built and 28″ steam engine erected.
1875 Mining suspended and mine closed after £ 12,000 spent to extract only 70-80 tons of ore.
1880 A decision made to reopen the mine.
1882 Closed again.
1917 Mine dewatered by future owners, Allihies Copper Mines Ltd, but only 2% ore found.
1957 Diamond drilling by new Emerald Isle Mining Company.